Thomas Magill is a marginalised member of a small Irish town called Inishfree, who reenacts a day in his life through a series of tape recordings. This is clearly routine for Thomas – he knows the nuances of the conversations, the timings of responses. But witnessing the towns sins becomes too much for him and with one desperate act, the cycle is complete.

Misterman was originally performed by WUDS and Tech Crew in the Warwick Arts Centre before being taken on as the first show for Pound of Flesh, travelling to Nanshan Theatre Festival in Shenzhen for two sold-out performances. 

"there is a town where angels from heaven come to visit earth"


Molly Parker and Daniel Denton-Harris

as Thomas Magill


Niall McDaid, Bronte Skey, Niamh Murphy, George Chopping, Isi Tucker and Tom Fletcher

as the Ensemble

Producers Kate Chalmers & Sam Dell

Asst. Producer Sumina Kasuji

Directors Matt Owen & Oscar Sadler

Playwright Enda Walsh

Set Designer Lizzy Plant

Costume Designer Tabby Fagin-Adams

Technical Manager Danny Vavrecka

Lighting Designer Tom Frampton

Sound Designers Cat Buck & Laura Cairns

Stage Managers Tash Boret & Ellie Church

Marketing Supervisor Greta April

Marketing Manager Luke Mott

Photographer Ben Chapman

with thanks to Elysia Qiu


"harrowing and mesmerising"

The Boar, full review here

Selected for Nanshan International Theatre Festival 2018