"the Best thing I've seen in ages... and I have to see a lot of theatre"

-Ella hickson

We are Pound of Flesh. We are a young, playful and chaotic theatre company focusing on collaboration and storytelling. Our aim is to tell stories which we feel need a voice and to bring these to audiences in the most exciting ways. From a theatre in China to a grotty basement in Leamington, we are determined to push the boundaries of convention and possibility. Mixing up style and form is our passion and over the last year we have explored heightened naturalism, gig-theatre and even collaborated to produce an original song-cycle. We aim to combine disciplines to develop a fresh voice in young theatre.


We’ve performed at the National Student Drama Festival, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and Nanshan International Theatre Festival in China. We love performing in a vast variety of venues and can’t wait to see what the future brings.


University of Warwick

November 2019 (dates TBC)

University of Warwick

January 2020 (dates TBC)

Various Fringe Festivals

Venues/Dates TBC






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