"the best thing I've seen in ages... and I have to see a lot of theatre"

-Ella hickson

We are Pound of Flesh: a young, playful and chaotic theatre company focusing on telling real life, contemporary stories. We use sound and music to give new, lyrical life to vital experiences which aren't being talked about enough. Mixing up style and form is our passion: every show is tailored to the tale it tells from the first day of research right through to the finished product. We've been all over the place, from a huge theatre in China to a tiny, grotty basement in Leamington Spa, we use whatever we have at our disposal to make our audiences think. 


We’ve performed at the National Student Drama Festival, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the Nanshan International Theatre Festival in China and we've launched our own small UK tour. We love what we do and we're just getting started. We can't wait to see what the future holds.



Max is 19 years old, has dirty blonde hair and is built like a rugby player. He has an intense love of ABBA, Motown, Pringles and Frubes. Josh is 15 years old and he’s super clever, loving puzzles, gadgets and trains. You’ll find him copying yoga videos on YouTube in the front room. They’re my brothers and they’re both non-verbal autistic, which means they can’t, or perhaps won’t, talk.

Just over a decade ago, the government launched the Autism Act to improve understanding of autism across public services and to change public perception. Ten years on, 71% of autistic adults still report a lack of support across the board. Jigsaw is an autobiographical examination of this disparity from inside a family supporting two severely autistic boys. Intertwined with music and video, it aims to explore the reality of autism as a disability whilst celebrating everything that makes Max and Josh brilliant and unique.



Join 15-year-old Jay and 10-year-old Saskia on the biggest quest of their lives as they journey through a city like London: one with trolls and warlocks, goblins and knives. Today is the day they become the greats they are destined to be as they run away from home and attempt to fend for themselves with nothing but dreams and a stolen blade.

Featuring live, original music, Fires Our Shoes Have Made uses hip-hop-influenced spoken word to transport audiences to the world of this modern fable. Exploring the mental and physical struggle of loss, Fires Our Shoes Have Made sheds light on the unfortunate reality faced by many young people today across the country.








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